Mihai Albu, Romanian Shoe Architect!

Ahhh shoes!! We all wear shoes , but we all don’t wear them for the same reason.

Some of us wear shoes just because we need to have something on our feet. Others wear shoes not just to cover their feet, but to express an emotion, a state of mind.

I, when I meet a person for the same time, I look at their shoes. I look for color, shape and how well are they maintained. In this way I have a picture about that person current state: happy, full of life or depressed, confident or insecure, open for challenge or plays safe.

I want to share the absolutely unique designs of a Romanian Shoe Architect: Mihai Albu!!!

These are shoes I would wear without a doubt! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Fashion History……2. MADELEINE VIONNET

Madeleine Vionnet ( 1876- 1975, France), was the first female couturier. She was the one who dared freeing  women from wearing the corset completely. She even designed lingerie that were looser, comfortable and women where finally able to have much more freedom of movement.

Her big contribution to couture was the famous “bias” cut dress. I would actually wear her dresses to this days. 🙂

  In the 1930’s the internet was not available but the photography was ( of course :-)), and her art of work started to be copied. She fought to protect her work, going as far as having her fingerprint included on the labels.


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Worth, The First Couturier, was born in England in 1825. He worked and had an atelier in Paris, France where he died in 1895. His “art” was worn by many celebrities, foreign aristocracy and royalty. The only royalty of England who did not wear Worth’s dresses was Queen Victoria….hmmm, wonder why!!??

He designed for each client a unique gown, no two dresses were the same.

He also was the first one that introduced daytime dresses which were shortened to the ankle and he created the “Princess dress” , which was not anymore consisting of a bodice and skirt, but was cut in one piece!