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Worth, The First Couturier, was born in England in 1825. He worked and had an atelier in Paris, France where he died in 1895. His “art” was worn by many celebrities, foreign aristocracy and royalty. The only royalty of England who did not wear Worth’s dresses was Queen Victoria….hmmm, wonder why!!??

He designed for each client a unique gown, no two dresses were the same.

He also was the first one that introduced daytime dresses which were shortened to the ankle and he created the “Princess dress” , which was not anymore consisting of a bodice and skirt, but was cut in one piece!


5 thoughts on “Fashion History…..1. CHARLES FREDERICK WORTH

  1. Yes, Imagine a one piece dress for 1860’s!!. He was an innovator and set standards for other couturiers.
    PS: he also introduced narrow skirts. What a relief for those women who did not need to wear those huge ”chandeliers” like dresses all the time :-).

  2. Fantastic and how helpful of him! I would have hated, absolutely hated having to wear all those bustles, paniers, hoops and not mention the corsetry – I can really appreciate taking deep breaths just thinking about it! It would have been so hard to have body coordination as well, making sure not to scrape the fabrics on the floor, trip over them, bump into everything on the side and back, and not squash other people. Gosh.

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